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Nothing is Scary with Harry

Nothing is Scary with Harry is a story about a girl,

her blankie, and being brave. The story follows Katie throughout her childhood as she overcomes various "scary scenarios" with the help of her friend, Harry the blanket. Through Katie’s connection to Harry, Katie’s mother learns that “lovies” are like best friends, and have no expiration date. The story wraps up with adult Katie gifting Harry to her newborn daughter with the "wish of a life of adventure, that’s just a tad bit scary. You’re gonna rock this world, because I’m giving you my best friend, Harry.”

Beautifully illustrated by Jennifer A. Bell, and uniquely formatted in a printed-on board hardcover with linen-like pages, this book is sure to resonate with parents and little ones alike.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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